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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Armani or Accelerated Death Benefit?

Manolo Blahnik or Money Market?

Stilettos or Savings Account?

Which one is most familiar in your world? As women, it is easy to fall into the shiny silver syndrome. We are typically late bloomers when it comes to investing in ourselves and our future. This too can change, but the first step is action. There are many ways to look fabulous on a dime. There are websites where you can rent cocktail dresses for the evening, rent an authentic designer handbag and still have enough to put away for a rainy day. Because women tend to live longer than men, it is important that we begin to invest earlier in our future. Ideally, as soon as we begin to earn dollars. We bare children and are often left to care for them alone. By a way of divorce, widowed, or out of wedlock; which will deter savings or we just simply never getting involved in the process at all.

There are ways to get the best of what you want and still invest in your future. The main thing is getting started. Here are some tips to get you that are simple but empowering:

1. How much do you need to earn to still look beatimus and invest in your future? Knowing what is needed will assist you in developing a plan for getting what you want and knowing the amount that it will take to get you there. (Recommended reading: The four-hour work week by Timothy Ferris this can be ordered on www.amazon.com)

2. Savings should be a part of your budgeting and not what is left over after paying your bills. The golden rule is pay yourself first; if you are involved in a religious organization, pay yourself after God gets the first fruit. (www.ing.com)

3. Look for ways to lower your expenses. Are you paying for extras that you are not using? (A Gym membership, cell phone bell and whistles,heavy bottle water purchaser, etc.)

4. The number one step is action. Just looking at the numbers will not change them. Knowledge, Discipline and Increase are the only things that will help in this process.

5. If you just have to have those luxury spa pamper sessions consider going to training schools for massages, Mani and pedi’s, and for those in between hair appointments. (Empire Beauty School)

6. Remember stay fab, focused and stacked$

Please visit the following websites:
www.bagborroworsteal.com (rent fashion accessories)
www.mint.com (online site for financial tracking)
www.ing.com (online savings account)

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