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Saturday, February 6, 2010

“Blinging All The Way to the Bank”

Passion into Profits: Anissa Vakay Armwood-Williams of Hopewell, Va.

“The response I have been receiving has been astounding”, expresses Anissa of Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry.

Anissa decided that the economy would not dictate her wealth; she partnered with Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry in 2009 and never looked about. Anissa was viewing the catalog with the intent to purchase, as she flips through each page she instantly fell in love! She became aware that she could order everything without going into debt; at that point she was sold on the concept of looking fabulous and also creating wealth for herself and family.

Only being in the business two months has not stopped her success and the feeling of succeeding with each order that has been received. Her vision is to strengthen her business, expand personal relationships and mostly importantly establish business partnerships. In the new era of entrepreneurialism, Anissa has learned early what it takes to be successful and established.

Anissa has found a way to make woman feel and look fabulous without breaking the bank and create wealth for her. A philosophy that “Stilettos & Stacks” believes in.
For ladies-night-in to shop in the privacy of your own home, to become a business partner with Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry or fundraising opportunities please call: Anissa at 804.541.0517 to shop from home please visit: www.tracilynnjewelry.net/anissawilliams

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  1. Congrats on your success! There is nothing like taking a plan and running with it to create your own wealth. And I can see where the jewerely making business will take off. I started making signature bracelets to gift to my clients that donated $25 or more. However, I have gotten multiple requests regarding selling them. So I may look into selling them and having all profits go to benefit Diamond's House. (www.diamondshouse.org) Congrats again and continued blessing to you!